Thursday, December 12, 2013

Winter Solstice...The Medicine Woman's Call for Transformation!

The medicine women in The Unholy are healers. They are women of earth. They call forth transformation potential in hurting people. They echo Rilke's words, "Earth, isn't this what you want: an invisible arising in us? What is your urgent command, if not transformation."

In the novel the medicine women are described as "...seers and healers...they kept to themselves, meeting only infrequently , even with one another. Their solitude nourished a depth, Francesca said, that could be sustained in no other way." Archetypal energies flow unimpeded in these woman because of unwavering interiority. They value privacy, solitude, the solitary life.

In the following interview with Brent Nichols of Bards and Sages we looked at the medicine woman's nature:  

 Q:  "Your protagonist, Claire Sanchez, is a curandera, a term which roughly translates as "medicine woman." What exactly is a curandera? What led you to choose this occupation for your heroine?"

A: "A curandera is a healer. She spoke to me as the story evolved, told me who she was and her struggle to find herself. The path of a healer is fraught with danger. She dramatizes the life of so many women and men seeking to face their fears, find themselves, and walk the path of healing, natural magic, and life."

Thinking about this interview, I was struck by its simplicity. There is a way of looking at things that gets to the heart of the psychic matter. Healing is psychic. It changes us. Women healers have an instinct for the intuitive. They are able to pierce the soul with understanding. They do this, as the story tells, because of their interiority.

Ultimately, it's what's in the soul that we fear. Transformation, true change, frightens us. We get frantic around the holidays. Winter is really a time to quiet the self, go within, listen. Instead we go without, get caught up in the push and pull, yank and yells of the retail world, family dysfunction, and societal angst. The medicine woman within calls us as the solstice draws nigh to nestle into the hills of Aztlan, go within, listen, transform and end the year without depletion and into transformation!

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