Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Lozen...Strong Personality for the New Year!

"The medicine women of northern Aztlan were women of Lozen, named after a sister to Apache chief Victorio, a skilled prophet and warrior who was said to have asserted, 'Lozen is my right hand...strong as a man, braver than most, and cunning in strategy. Lozen is a shield to her people.' She had inspired women, frozen with fear, to cross the surging waters of the Rio Grande as they fled from their oppressors. Apaches proclaimed that she had had supernatural abilities on the battlefield and such heightened intuitions that she could discern where the enemy was and how many they numbered. Like her, the women of northern Aztlan had sufficient spiritual powers, strong personalities, and force of the human spirit to effect healing."

This quote from The Unholy emphasizes the healing potential of a strong personality. Belief in self sets loose transformation of body and soul. Caring for significant others balances strong energy. Energy directed toward self balanced by sensitivity to others humanizes us. Moving into the new year with strength, the interior fortitude of Lozen, unleashes energy for life

Intuitions that lead to insight come from such faith. This is healing from the inside out. It happens as the result of a robust soul. People of hardy disposition face problems and work their way through. The symbol of Lozen in The Unholy activates feminine energy. It sees us through problems from the inside out. When we are in order on the inside, as Lozen, there is energy to do what needs to be done, to work things out, to completion.

Now, at the start of 2014, we can draw within and take stock of our lives, put things in order from the inside out. This sets in motion the working of a strong personality symbolized by Lozen. The ability to take stock, look back at what has been experienced, learned from, now at year's end comes from the archetypal realm, the spiritual world. Lozen symbolizes the archetypal self, the capacity of the human spirit to take stock and change and grow!

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