Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Medicine Woman Magic through Love!

In The Unholy, the medicine women are specialists in love and magic. Both work together, can't have one without the other. They nourish love. There's magic in it. In contrast, the power-mongering men, especially within the church, are caught up in using people not caring for people. Ultimately, the story shows that the difference between using and caring for people is huge. Things happen, good or bad, troubles and maybe disaster, or creative natural magic based on how we treat self and others.

Natural magic is borne out of feminine energy. The archetype of the medicine woman is replete with magic. Spirit and nature are fused. The heavy-handed masculine patriarchy of organized religion exerts crippling force in the novel. People are brainwashed into serving religious guilt and fear. The medicine women and their natural magic stand in opposition to this. They are examples of love made real in the world, women of determination and authentic caring. From their truth to self and to the caring for one another mysterious things happen.

The creative mystery that is life depends on plugging into the current of natural magic. Love and true to devotion to self and significant others lights this path. To exert masculine force and will onto what should be governed by mystery ends by hurting us. In The Unholy it proves fatal.

Healing divisive ways of looking at life comes only from the magic of true caring. The medicine women exemplify a force that resides in each of us. But, there are challenges aplenty. Dark masculine drives toward having our own way no matter the cost threaten the life of the soul. The medicine women in The Unholy offer a way through this dangerous dilemma!

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