Monday, December 2, 2013

Virtual Book Tour Cafe!

The Unholy is on tour through the end of January 2013 with the Virtual Book Tour Cafe. It's a way of connecting to grassroots readers. Doing a tour allows me to connect with folks that I otherwise might miss. Online connections are a true way of connecting to others who think, question, read, and want to ponder life's questions.

The Virtual Book Tour Cafe emphasizes secrets, destiny, life and death, good and evil in the The Unholy. In the story, a young woman faces the reality of evil. Evil incarnate in the person of an archbishop is set on her destruction. Childhood ghosts come haunting. Fear runs rampant. Evil stalks. The young woman, a healer, is faced with a life-and-death decision: to face the evil or forever be haunted.

Death looms large. The Virtual Book Tour Cafe's emphasis on the drama of destiny and life and death struck me as vital. They connect me to my readers. We all live out issues connected with what's our destiny, how we want to live our life, and death itself.

Life won't be as it is forever. Death means change. In The Unholy, death lurks around every corner. Maybe it is always lurking in a different way for us, more than we admit or care to admit. Life, death, secrets, and destiny come to bear not only on the dramatic narrative of the story but in terms of what we're facing at this moment in our life. Secrets, things we haven't admitted to ourselves, threaten to hold us back. Face the ghost, the evil, or forever be haunted, risking death itself.

Connecting with readers on this tour helps me to have a sense of being in touch with the real folks wrestling with real issues concerning secrets, destiny, life and death, good and evil. Virtual connections are real in a different way than physical connections. They connect us with each other without physical presence, but with a unique emotional link. The Virtual Book Tour Cafe connects us as author and readers as we take the journey into secrets, destiny, life and death, good and evil---The Unholy!

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