Thursday, April 3, 2014

Quiet Fury Interview!

Quiet Fury Author Interview:
Getting To Know… Paul DeBlassie III

paulWhat is your favorite season?
Spring is my favorite season especially here in Aztlan (New Mexico) as the high-mountain desertteems with budding life and the turquoise skies are crystalline clear.
What was your favorite subject in school?
Psychology, religious studies, and English were favorite subjects of mine, all of them coming together as a thriller writer who explores the dark side of religion as is dramatized in The Unholy.
What is your favorite heartbreak song?
Willie Nelson’s rendition of You Were Always on my Mind is a cautionary tale to me of the need for love and to express it with a full heart and sincerity lest the moment pass and leave us with regret, something best to avoid for the sake of truth to self and a loving relationship.
Do you prefer dogs or cats?
I love both dogs and cats. Algernon Blackwood, one of my favorite Gothic writer, states that they are immensely psychic creatures, tuning into presences from the other world before humans pick up on the cues.
What is your favorite movie?
I have lots of favorite movies, but I was recently impressed by the tragic tale of Philomena in which the protagonist can be seen as having been permanently damaged by the dark side of religion.
What one food will you never eat?
Liver is definitely not a favorite food of mine perhaps because of the fact that the Greeks considered it the seat of the soul and it deserves more honor than to be served up on a common plate.
Are you a morning or night person?
Both the morning and night are inhabited by their particular spirits, morning filled with sprites and angels of light, nighttime bringing with the subtleties of dark ghosts who whisper during liminal states and dreams.

Would you rather spend a weekend in the woods or a weekend in a
 luxury hotel with a spa?
I’d rather spend a weekend hiking through the high-desert mountains here in Aztlan (New Mexico) like Claire does in The Unholy, finding it to be a realm of cleansing and renewal.
file8891250911677Do you prefer country or city?
City and country are necessary balances to the world, yang and yin, that each convey life and restoration in a unique and potentially transformative manner…I love them both.

What is your favorite thing to do on a rainy weekend?
Rainy days are for curling into self and reading good books and spinning tales of intrigue.
Are you a planner or spontaneous?
My nature is hermetic, Hermes filling me with the inspiration of the moment, spontaneous intuition and action!
Favorite breakfast food?
file4341308214618Red chile breakfast burritos served up piping hot in the land of Aztlan is my favorite food to start off on the path of an enlightening day!
What is your biggest pet peeve?
Without a doubt I find that having no pet peeve is not troublesome at all to me since the things that for an instant trouble me quickly pass and end up having been largely illusory.
Who was the last singer or band you last saw perform live?
At over eighty years old B.B. King rocked the house here in an Albuquerque venue, left my mind cleared out and my psyche refreshed.

Suspense or romance?
I’m a thriller writer who digs the suspense world yet also realizes that without romance the best of thrills pales, love is the biggest thrill of all!
What is your favorite dessert?
In Aztlan we have a specialty desert called natillas, a chilled custard with whipped egg white, nutmeg, and cinnamon…a real soul warmer!
Which would you prefer: An evening watching TV or listening to music?
Television is spinning out so many good series like The Following, Hannibal, and True Detective, Game of Thrones that watching the TV can be a true pleasure; so, Kate and I do some TV in the evening after we’ve prepared dinner while listening to some good jazz or alternative rock.
If your personality was a color, what would it be?
I’m a blue guy, the color of the unconscious mind as deep calls unto deep and color vibrates with a soulful resonance.
Do you prefer rain or snow?
Here in Aztlan, the high mountain desert, we are grateful for all form of precipitation of both the snowy and purely liquid variety.
Are you cautious or reckless?
I live in a cautiously inspired manner!

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