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Rainy Of The Dark Interview!

Author Interview: Paul DeBlassie III

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Your Name (as it appears on your books): Paul DeBlassie III
Your Blog or Author Website:
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How would you describe yourself? I am a depth psychologist and writer of psychological/paranormal thrillers who dips into the invisible world behind the world of the everyday and dramatizes the workings of spirit, soul, and nature.
How would you describe what you write? As is the case in The Unholy, my writing moves through supernatural realms that we often overlook through lack of sensitivity, story helping us to regain a certain pulse and vibe that sees through illusion and into the true heart of situations, relationships, and self.
What inspired you to start writing your first book? I’ve written three other books, nonfiction in psychology and spirituality, The Unholy bringing together my thirty years of insights and explorations about the dark side of religion.
Do you prefer chocolate or vanilla? I love dark chocolate and I love French vanilla and I love both of them together, may be telling regarding my propensity toward inclusion of all that is best and satisfying and delicious!
What authors influence your writing? The old gothic masters like Algernon Blackwood, H.P. Lovecraft, Arthur Machen have been a serious influence on my writing along with contemporary writers like Robert Stone, S. King, Joyce Carol Oates.
What one writing tip do you have for new authors? Keep on keeping on. Feeling the inspiration means there’s something there to write so keep at it and it will all come together over time with hard work, patience, and time.
Did you self or traditionally publish, and why did you choose that route? I have always traditionally published because that’s what opened up for me and I’m not familiar with the process of self publishing. Sunstone Press was and is enthused about The Unholy and wanted to take the story to print; so, I was game and feel the mojo and thrill of it!
Do you have a blog, and how has it helped with your promotional efforts?My blogsite for The Unholy is It ties into pr posts during tour, fb posts, and twitter feeds. It reaches out to over ten thousand people with all those other tie ins considered. I think it probably helps. I know I instinctively feel that it is an essential part of relating to my reading audience. I wouldn’t feel whole, pr wise, without it.
What one thing are you OCD about, in general? I am definitely OCD about editing. Ray Carver used to say that the writing is in the editing and editing and editing, etc. That’s the truth, far as I’m concerned. Then, I need to be able to feel like I’ve edited myself full and let the story go on to the next level, into the hands of a professional editor, and onto the publisher.
What is the most creative way you have promoted any of your books?Things have changed so much over the last thirty years in the book pr world. I used to have a great deal of face to face contact via readings and speaking. Now, it’s more about virtual pr and having so much more reach. This is incredibly exciting, finding my way through the virtual world with my books a creative endeavor that my dreams and psyche seem intricately attuned to. They tell that this is the way to go!
What would you do differently if you had to start over? I would forego self doubt in all its shapes and guises more quickly as I’ve come to learn that what is required is devotion to work, patience, and time so as to conjure magic that inevitably births new stories, publications!
Where do you hope to see yourself in the next five years? If I’m reading the signs correctly, the next five years will birth another two books, supernatural thrillers, each with their own phantasmagoric theme addressing life changing possibilities and heart warming inspiration.
What are the first three rules you would make if you took over the world?Read more. Live more. Love more.

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