Saturday, November 23, 2013

Writer Wonderland Review!

"The Unholy by Paul DeBlassie is a work of the heart as well as fiction. This beautifully described novel shimmers with both mystery and promise. The first page sets the tone with a mammoth battle between good and evil. Claire witnesses her mother, representing the natural world and healing, defeated by a dark force.

As an adult, she both denies her heritage as a healer and is drawn to it. She discovers those closest to her could have the most to gain by her renouncing her legacy. The author reveals using Claire as his tool that all is not as it seems in organized religion. Often the very existence of such is to control the populace not for their greater good, but for a small portion’s benefit.

Mr. DeBlassie tackles this provocative topic with an ease of someone familiar with the material and not afraid to address it. I would have liked the novel to have been longer with more emphasis on Claire’s childhood. All the same, it is a stellar novel."

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