Thursday, November 14, 2013

Nightmares, Howling, and the Cave!

Nightmares taking place in a cave are scary. Not infrequently howling comes out of the walls. Dreamers try to escape. The force of the nightmare, like hallways of hidden hands, pull them back into the dark realm of the cave. There is something here for you, the unconscious mind asserts. You must remain until you are able to see, to hear, to understand.

In The Unholy, medicine women, the transformative powers of feminine energy, know to listen to the deep psyche. People walking the path of healing and soul understand dreams, visions, synchronous events. They listen to their intuition. Those who know the power of inner feminine energy tap into the energy source of the medicine women in The Unholy. Thing is, to get the good stuff we need to be in the cave. And, in the cave is where the howling and nightmares happen!

To access what might be frightening inner wisdom we need depth. Reading helps to take us there. "Live daily" is phrase I use during book readings. Reading the horror within The Unholy takes us into the cave of the transpersonal unconscious mind. It is here that psychic stuff happens as we read. The mind is affected, questions, wonders, and is possibly transformed.

Transformations are shifts in attitude. What we once thought sacrosanct opens for consideration. The powers of feminine consciousness arise within us and speak mysteries. Maybe what we've held near and dear has been too external, they whisper. The howling in the cave, once we settle into the rhythm of story and reading, becomes whispers that beckon us into questions, wondering, and possible transformation.

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